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July 11, 1997Welcome to Apple
Introducing BMW CyberDrive - Win A Free CD-ROM eMate 300 - Mobile, Affordable & SmartMovies From Mars - QuickTime VR Takes You Out of this World

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Preorder Mac OS 8
Now you can preorder Mac OS 8, described by Macworld as "the most comprehensive update to the Mac OS in years, sporting a bold new look, a speedier Finder, more shortcuts and integrated Internet functions."

Want a PowerBook?
Qualify to win a PowerBook 3400/200 by entering this month's Apple Registration Sweepstakes.

Big Help for Small Biz Find out what you need to make your small business a success. Apple Small Business has information about everything from great deals on leasing to dealing with the SBA.

eMate Special
Parents of school-age children have a limited-time special opportunity to purchase Apple's exciting eMate 300 mobile computer at promotional prices.

Apple Softwear
Find t-shirts, jackets, backpacks and other great gear at AppleDesigns, the Apple online department store. Great gifts for friends and family.

AppleShare IP
The latest AppleShare IP 5.0 offers Internet services including file sharing, FTP and email, improves performance, integrates all workgroup services and provides ease of development and administration.


People Like You
You've got this great Apple product, and you'd like to share your experiences with people like yourself. Find the User Group that's nearest you.

New Color Printers
Three new Apple color ink jet printers, the Color StyleWriter 4100, Color StyleWriter 4500 and Color StyleWriter 6500, offer great performance and advanced technology.

Mac OS 8 Preview
Get the latest info, including early rave reviews, on Mac OS 8, which offers a new user experience and a wealth of Internet services. See a screen shot and descriptions of cool new features.

World's Fastest Laptop
The blazingly fast (240MHz) PowerBook 3400 gives you state-of-the-art multimedia, advanced communications capabilities, and flexible expansion options.

Be the First to Know
Learn about new Macintosh software releases the moment they become available. Check Hot Mac Products to hear about programs like Speed Demon, ReBirth RB-338 and QuickCRC.

Newton Connects
Newton, Inc., will enhance network connectivity for Newton-based devices this fall via Newton Internet Enabler 2.0. Ethernet capability can connect devices to Local Area Networks.

Welcome to Mars
See alien terrain in QuickTime VR movies from Sojourner, the brave six-wheeler that covers the Red Planet for NASAs Pathfinder mission.

Boston Mac Party
Join the fun at Macworld Expo/Boston, the summer's biggest bash for the Macintosh community, August 5-8.


Check out Apple's Information Resource for Press and Analysts to find out what's happening at Apple Computer.

Schools Choose Macs
School districts throughout the US are choosing Macintosh over the Windows platform, reports a new study by Quality Education Data.


Windows 95 Floppies
To mount 1.6MB DMF Windows 95 floppies on your Mac, use Apple PC Exchange version 2.0.7 or later (v. 2.1.1 comes with Mac OS 7.6).

TIL of Tomorrow
The Tech Info Library -- a treasury of useful facts, insights and magic spells -- sports a new look, with clickable tabs for Search, Browse, Top Articles and Help.

Ultimate Ultralight PowerBook
The 180MHz Macintosh PowerBook 2400 is the ideal solution for mobile professionals who want speed and connectivity in a super-slim notebook computer.

Macs Unmasked
See Macs emote in Starring Apple, with clips & pics galore from "Batman & Robin." "We had an insatiable appetite for the Mac," says the computer graphics supervisor for "B&R."

World's Fastest Home Computer
What's a machine this fast doing at home? The Power Macintosh 6500 runs at blistering speeds of up to 300MHz.

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